HEY! Healthy Early Years.

A program giving educators the tools to confidently teach health and safety in the Early Years.

HEY! is developed for educators, giving you the power to implement these great programs within the Early Learning setting.

The activities will help children understand;

  • My body?

  • What does my body, my brain, my mind do?

  • What do I do if it’s broken (FIRST AID for the body and the mind)

  • How do I look after it (did someone say a YOGA, MEDITATION & MOVEMENT)

  • What is good health (eating, drinking and sleeping)?

  • What is bad health (it’s time we start talking about ill health, helping children understand what does being sick mean - we know they will all experience going to a hospital one day soon)! 

  • Helping the child link their learning with health and their families.


The online resource hub gives educators ongoing resources and activities that meet NQS and EYLF to help children learn about MY BODY, MY BRAIN and MY MIND.

These centres become Foundation lifetime members of HEY! HEALTHY EARLY YEARS LEARNING!

This program is $499 per year however the first 50 Foundation Centres receive lifetime access, meaning you only pay the $499 once and receive all the program updates and lessons.

Foundation members will receive:

  • Instant access and drip fed super content and activities

  • A NQS cheat sheet check list

  • Invited to exclusive HEY! Conference

  • Be invited to consult for the industry regarding health education

  • Yoga, Meditation and Movement Audio Program to provide ALL year

  • Ongoing and personalised support


HEY! Is a social enterprise and a % of money will go towards our own HEY! FUND where our members can apply for funding each year up to $10,000! This is our way of giving back to YOU!

Who are we?

Sarah is the founder of Little Rockers Radio and The Little Rockers Red Nose Disco. Through her social enterprise she has helped to raise over $100,000 for charity. Also founder of Yoga programs for ELC and has a Health Background in Physical Education.

Nataly is a DIV1 registered nurse, 10-years as a First Aid educator. Founder of Harry Helper First Aid Incursions and The Parentmedic Movement. Health Strategic Advisor for One Heart Foundation. Also experienced in emotional intelligence and Monash Tuning Into Kids Certified!

Don't miss out! If you’re keen to find out more ENQUIRE ABOUT HEY! or ASK ABOUT THE HEY! FUND!


Meet the HEY! Crew

Harry Helper

Harry Helper

Harry Helper loves to help teach about The Body, The Mind and The Brain! With a focus on first aid, safety and looking after yourself, Harry has lots of fun activities for the kids to enjoy while learning.

Milly Monkey

Milly Monkey

Milly Monkey loves to teach about How to MOVE + USE your Body, Mind and Brain. With lots of fun activities, she will get you moving with audio programming, activities and more.